Airbnb on Steroids

Airbnb on Steroids, with Arizona Luxury Homes

Airbnb and Luxury rentals in Arizona
Airbnb and Luxury rentals in Arizona

Guest Article by Karl Kennedy of

The rise of Vacation Short-Term Rentals

In “days of old”, fun seekers would first pick a vacation spot and arrange airfare to get there. Then they’d look for a place to stay at a hotel or resort in the general vicinity.

Today however, there are more options and just as easy to secure. Instead of automatically booking a hotel or a room at a high end resort, they are now also turning to Airbnb or VRBO for more choices in a place to stay.

Why aren’t hotels good enough?

Better amenities and more privacy. It can be much more fun to stay as a ”local” by staying at a private home. So taking that idea to the next level, why not make the experience even greater by staying in an “in-your-dreams” luxury mansion? This is what some savvy owners of their Arizona luxury properties have realized – people are looking for these nowadays. In turn these owners are converting their high-end luxury properties into money generating machines.

Owners of luxury homes in Arizona are beginning to market their homes on sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO in hopes of attracting families or groups that want the ultimate vacation experience by staying in a home that they could probably never afford to own during their lifetimes. These homes are 6,000 square feet and larger that are filled with the extra features that you can only dream of having in your own home. They have high-end finishes like fully equipped gourmet kitchens, luxury bed linens, and possibly even maid service. Local chefs can be hired to prepare gourmet dinners and discount packages to local attractions can be arranged in advance.

A New Business Model

Arizona owners are creating a luxury business model that can often provide them with six-figure yearly incomes by renting these types of homes on a short-term basis. They lease the homes (usually with at least a one-week minimum) to families, multiple families or like-minded groups of people with the same types of vacation agendas. Rental prices for these homes can run anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 or more per week depending on the number for people and the number of days they request.

This may sound like a ridiculous amount of money to some people, but when it can be split among 10-15 people, it ends up costing each individual about what an upscale hotel room would cost them for the week, or even less. These groups can be composed of anything from golfers, to people on religious outings, people attending a sporting event, or even to corporate officers getting together for a business meeting retreat. What could be better than staying in a 6-7 bedroom, 5-6 bathroom home, with all the amenities that you could possibly hope for?

An attractive alternative to hotels

These homes usually have it all; pools, spas, putting greens, game rooms, some even have basketball courts. They come fully furnished, with Internet service, cable and streaming services, multiple big-screen TVs, fitness rooms, and projector rooms for movie watching, video gaming, or even golf simulators. It is not uncommon for these homes to also come equipped with poker tables, pinball machines, pool tables, board games, more that one set of washers and dryers, and even popcorn machines. Vacationers can do their thing during the day, or have their corporate meeting in the dining room, then retire for the evening in absolute luxury, or just gather around the
pool and for a barbeque dinner while enjoying watching the sun set over the desert.

What makes Arizona a perfect place for this type of business is not only the weather, but also all the events that are available for people to enjoy. Things like golf tournaments, football, hockey, basketball games, concerts, and the many great scenic day-trip destinations to visit like Sedona and Lake Havasu.

In Summary

If you already own an Arizona luxury home and want to explore the possibility of converting one into a luxury vacation rental, the opportunity to do so exists. You just need to focus on setting up your home to provide the ultimate vacation experience for your guests.

Guest Article by Karl Kennedy of
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