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Creating Convenience and Generating ROI in Your Luxury Vacation Rental

Erin Reynolds

Author: Erin Reynolds
Bio: Ms. Reynolds is a single mom who taught herself how to do home improvement projects and repairs to save money. She created DIYMama.net to help others find their spark to tackle home improvements too.

People looking for the ideal vacation spot expect to enjoy many of the same conveniences and amenities they’re accustomed to at home, or better. That’s why, as a high-end property landlord, it’s important to prepare and present a vacation home as a haven of luxury and easy comfort. A place where vacationers can unwind and enjoy some downtime, without having to hunt for things they need. Including paper towels, laundry detergent, or extra linens, you’ll make things as easy as possible on your guests. That only increases the likelihood of you seeing them again next year. 

Safe and Clean

Whether at home or on vacation, people always want to feel safe and secure. Your guests may be more concerned about safety when they’re in a new and unfamiliar place, so let them see the improvements you’ve made on their behalf. Each door should have strong locks that can only be unlocked with one key, or you could make things even more convenient by installing a digital entry lock that requires a code for entry. 

An alarm/home monitoring system is a great addition for a high-end property, and there’s nothing like a video doorbell to “wow” people with the high tech you’ve added to the place. Additionally, make sure smoke detectors are working properly. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and another near the washer/dryer. 

Cleanliness is right up there with safety in the eyes of vacationers. They expect to enjoy a pristine, clean, and well-ordered home-away-from-home during their hard-earned time away from the responsibilities of work or home. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to get everything spick and span between rentals so no guest is disappointed. 

Property Management

If you’re willing let pros handle the cleaning duties, why not bring in a property management company to handle guest bookings and maintenance? In addition to ensuring that your home remains sparkling clean, the right company will also provide round-the-clock support and ease of mind for you (and your guests) for your upscale Scottsdale property.

High-End Kitchen

Your renters will probably be too focused on sightseeing, tanning, swimming, hiking, and dining out to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Nevertheless, when it comes to getting a great return on your investment, few features impress like a truly luxurious kitchen. Even if your guests aren’t big on cooking, they’ll certainly be impressed with stone countertops and a convenient floating island for quick and easy food prep. Make space for a built-in microwave oven, wine rack, and sub-zero fridge and vacationers will make time for cooking dinners and eating in. 

Spa-Style Pampering in the Bathroom

There’s lots of ROI potential in an upgraded bathroom. Maximize that potential by giving guests a spa-style experience. Amenities like a new bath/shower combo featuring a rain shower head and multiple body jets. If you really want to get their attention, put in a steam room, sauna, or hot tub.

Sweet Little Touches

If you’re renting out a luxury-style vacation property, it makes sense to add a few miscellaneous high-end comfort conveniences. An espresso machine, automatic coffee maker, and a wrinkle-free dryer are nice touches. These are top-of-the-line amenities that may be new to many guests, but they will be touches that vacationers will remember and probably want to enjoy again. 

If you’re renting out an upscale property with luxurious high-end conveniences, be sure to emphasize the kitchen and bathrooms. Both of these can generate goodwill and great ROI. Never forget to include simple amenities that don’t cost much, but mean a lot to guests looking for a unique vacation experience. And remember: The happier the memories, the likelier they are to come back for more.

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