Ready to Buy a Mansion? Luxury Real Estate for sale in Arizona


Ready to buy a Mansion?

What’s the next step to buying your dream home?

Once you’ve located and identified a luxury property (or more) that really catches your eye, you’ll want to experience them in person with your family (or other future co-inhabitants) to make sure you can visualize yourself actually living in at least one of them. We, as your real estate agent are the critical component to making that happen. It will be up to us to arrange with the seller’s agent a Showing Time that works for both the seller and yourself.

It’s also critical to understand that a homeowner/seller of a multi-million dollar property is not going to let just anyone walk through their front door, even with their agent, unless you can show first that you are capable of making a purchase at the price level of the homes you want to see. This is actually easier than it might sound. Nothing financially revealing is necessary. In most cases, all that is needed is a verifiable letter/email/note from your accountant or financial adviser indicating that you are financially capable to make the purchase. Once you’ve provided this to us, we’ll be able to secure your Showings for you, with as many homes as you need to view.

Another important item to know is that most sellers of multi-million dollar properties go to great lengths to make sure the home is in it’s most presentable form, in their attempt to impress you enough that you’ll want to buy it. This requires time. So please allow (and expect to give) at least 24 hours notice.

Finally, the most important advice of all. This is common sense, but you’d be surprised how often home shoppers fail this one. At million dollar luxury home Showing Appointments, the seller’s luxury agent will almost always be there to meet us with you. They will be there to not only watch over their client’s home but to also help show you the property and point out all the upgrades and features that make this property so special. While viewing potential homes in person, you (or any member of your group) should never, ever say how much you love the home when you find the one you want to buy. If it’s perfect, keep your glowing comments to yourself. Wait until you’re back in your car to discuss it with those who are sharing the decision-making process with you. Remember that you will likely be negotiating a purchase price very soon and if you seem too eager, the seller’s agent will certainly inform the seller that they can hardball you. Your smiles and accolades of the house could cost you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in the case of a multi-million dollar property. If you catch yourself saying out loud “This is the one” quickly say something negative about the home, even if it’s not necessarily true. Keep poker faces – save money!

So, which of these beauties would make a great new home for you?
Let’s get you ready to go see them really soon! On this website simply click on the “Schedule a Showing” button from your favorite homes and we’ll get the ball rolling!