The Most Desired Place to visit in Phoenix, Arizona

Today I was asked by a friend to name what place in Arizona that I believed to be the most desired place to visit. If we took a poll, what place would win? People come from all parts of the world to visit Phoenix, and then select various destinations across the State as places they’d like to see most.

As a Realtor I drive through nearly all areas of the city and suburbs, and even the outlying towns, too. So I got to thinking. The first thing people think of when they think of Arizona would be the breathtaking views of The Grand Canyon. Hundreds of thousands of people come here specifically to visit our gigantic canyon – the most famous one in the world. But, after some careful thought I realized that although many people put this one at the top of their list, it simply isn’t the most desired place in Arizona to visit.

Lake Powell near Page, AZ (at the northern border with Utah) draws tens of thousands of visitors each year and contains dozens of amazing places to see too. Camping, boating, fishing, hiking and everything outdoorsy make Lake Powell an amazing destination.

In the category of Nature the two preceding choices are no-brainers. Just like Lake Mead and the Spring Breakers. Petrified Forest National Park, Meteor Crater Natural Landmark, and Kartchner Caverns are also incredible earthly wonders.

Speaking of Spring in Arizona, Major League Baseball’s Spring Training camps every February thru March attract an incredible amount of “winter visitors” heading here to see their favorite teams pre-season warm up games.

Old Town Scottsdale’s Art Galleries and Night Life also do their fair share of attracting people.

The longer I thought on the question though, the more sure I was that the most desired place to visit in Arizona was not any of these places.

Don’t get me wrong here, because I truly believe that all of them are incredible attractions. However, the question put to me is “What is the most desired place to visit”. That “most desired” is the key to me in my answer. Most Desired is a very strong emotional element to the question. If I gave people a chance to answer a survey containing all of these, plus my answer, I have no doubt in my mind that nearly every single one of you would agree with my answer as being the single most “desired” place to visit.

Of course, there is a caveat. You see, this place I have in mind would require a certain small piece of paper to be held securely in your possession when you go to make your visit there. Without it, your visit would be very ordinary. Perhaps you’d still find it informative and entertaining,  but to achieve the maximum desirability of being the best place to visit in all of Arizona, you’d want to have that little piece of paper for the full thrill. It would almost certainly turn your visit into quite possibly the most rewarding experience of your lifetime.

Have you guessed the location yet?

My Answer to “The Most Desirable Place in Arizona to Visit?”:

The Headquarters of The Arizona Lottery, with the jackpot winning Powerball or MegaMillions lottery ticket in your hand.

Everyone dreams of that visit, don’t they??

Arizona Lottery HQ Phoenix (Powerball Megamillions) Most Desired Place To Visit
Where Dreams Come True: Arizona Lottery HQ in Phoenix. Powerball and MegaMillions winners